Review: “Hideous Entity” by Hyperdontia

When “A Nexus Of Teeth” surfaced from International Death Metal horde Hyperdontia back in 2018, the result of three years of hard labour and refinement, the band earned not only the praise of critics but the respect of their peers. Featuring in their ranks are current and former members of Burial Invocation, Diabolizer and Sulphurous and given the amount of blood lead vocalist Mustafa spat on the album, it should come as no surprise that their name is actually a reference to a condition that causes too many teeth to grow in your mouth, leading to pain and swelling. After four new songs in 2020 including a split with Mortiferum that have seen them consistently hit the high expectations of that debut, the Turkish-Danish Death Metal machine have returned with sophomore album “Hideous Entity”… 

…While “A Nexus Of Teeth” was something of breeze block to the skull of Death Metal in it’s purist form, “Hideous Entity” is an entirely different beast while still holding on to their core sound and what made that predecessor so good while still sounding like it has been trapped, festering in a basement somewhere for decades, a reference to style over substance. Sinister and menacing the introduction of “Snakes of Innards” is slow and lucking with Doom Metal inspirations before the band turn up the heat with their usual crushing blend of ferocity with the blast beats of mass extinction. There can be no doubting the step up in quality here with attention paid to the finer details, like intricate and melodic bass solos from Malik Camlica on “Beast Within” and “Coils of Wrath” seeing the band step outside of the genre box and away from the spectral vein of Old School Death Metal for a few moments. Those parts are allowed to bleed through the mix by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios, who also mastered, with the four string treated like a six, something that works incredibly well and contrasts the razor sharp, laser guided missile accuracy of the plethora of riffs on show that bring forth a whirlwind of catchy groove. The change in vocalist with Mathias Friborg handling both those and guitars with ferocious style is an interesting move, he’s throat gives the vocalist more depth, texture and perhaps force, something which helps these cuts stand out from the pack. His beastly growl is the cry of a demon trapped within his very soul, yearning to escape the mortal coil. You can’t mistake the fact that the record has been created by a quartet of seasoned musicians who know what works when creating something to completely obliterate the ear drums of the listener, their experience has given them an edge and listening to “Hideous Entity” it seems that “A Nexus Of Teeth” was simply a warning shot with the band finding their sound because the beast has grown considerably. You only need hear the extended face melting solo of the rampaging “Grinding Teeth” with its Cannibal Corpse esq riff attack to understand that, it’s a truly sublime moment to be followed by the punishment of “Lacerated and Burning” which piles in with anvil heavy rhythms and unrelenting breakneck speed. Hyperdontia have shown that while they break no new ground with their sound, they are masters of everything that came before them [7.5/10]

Track listing

1. Snakes of Innards
2. Trapped in the Void
3. Beast Within
4. Coils of Wrath
5. Grinding Teeth
6. Lacerated and Burning
7. Wretched Mockery of Creation
8. Impervious Veil

Hideous Entity” by Hyperdontia is out 12th November 2021 via Dark Descent Records / Me Saco Un Ojo Records / Desiccated Productions

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