Review: “Moon Phases” EP by Dizorder

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Vincent Thermidor with a Mastering job by Anthony Chognard comes the debut EP from Parisian Female fronted Alternative Metal quintet Dizorder. They have already opened for Silverstein having only released this EP in October, the band have said that their influences are wide ranging enough to encompass Flyleaf, Deftones, Northlane and even Evanescence. So what does the 6 track affair have to offer?

“First Moon” is a  57 second atmosphere building spoken word piece with some buried electronics and meloncholic synths that sets a tone. It could have been ingested into opener proper “Love In Blood” which itself has a very short introduction before diving into a “Blegh”. Fusing sung raps and rap-screams to create the first verse before moving to some emotive sun vocals for the chorus in an interesting call. The rap-screams have plenty of bite against a more melodic Alternative Metal guitar backing. The Flyleaf influence is apparent as the song progresses and the band experiment with some more bouncy riffage towards the end. “Erinyes” has a slow building opening takes a haunting melody and then molds it into a mid paced Alternative Rock tune. The rapping element doesn’t appear in this one, instead the vocals bounce between the sung and the screamed. There are some interesting programmed drum loops and electronics underlaying the sound that come to life over multiple listens, however it is easy to imagine a label insisting the scream element was dropped from the sound to get the band signed up.

“The Real Face” offers an improved clean vocal performance and some heavier guitar stylings, not so much in the tone aspect but certainly in the intent. Again the programmed element plays a major part, this time leading in a guitar solo of some skill before the emotive final passage. Underpinning the clean vocals with the screaming works really well in that latter part of the song. “Pic(K)” has a funkier sound as the guitars take a backstep during the opening verse to allow for an extended bass passage. When they do come back, the provide a solid late 90s Nu-Metal crunch and back the vocals nicely. Musically it’s one of the stronger tunes here, though vocally it doesn’t quite have the same drive. “New Moon” is the final piece of the puzzle and it’s a 42 second piece of programmed drum work that acts as a background for some moody piano. It’s one that could have been a Segway between tracks or an introduction for the EP itself but on its own acts as a palette cleanser for the next spin. If you’re after something to soothe your mood then this is a pleasant piece of pie to start or finish your day with [7/10]

Track listing

  1. “First Moon”
  2. “Love In Blood”
  3. “Erinyes”
  4. “The Real Face”
  5. “Pic(K)”
  6. “New Moon”

“Moon Phases” by Dizorder is available over at Bandcamp.

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