Review: “Disconnected” EP by From Spring To Fall

Featuring a pair of guitar playing vocalist brothers are Southwest Germany natives From Fall To Spring. They’ve recently released this EP produced by Seb Monzel entitled “Disconnected”.

After a distinctly Hybrid Theory era Linkin Park introduction, opening song “Fading Away” comes to life with some Nu-Metal synths and chunky rhythmic riffs that bring back 1999 but with a sense of positivity and a modern twist. The synths sound bigger and brighter with a cold edge and the guitars are bolder, even managing a solo before the end. The vocals are interesting, big cleans provide that mainstream friendly sing-a-long ability but there is an unclean backing that gives it an edge. “Believe” has a Melodic Metalcore lead flourish in across the main rhythm guitar work that gives it more bite in the introduction before dropping off to some primative electronics and a static bassline. The chorus then continues the Linkin Park worship in styling but with more positive lyrical content. It’s essentially a love song with an Emo or even Post Hardcore sensibility encased in a Nu-Metal shell. Then there is a verse of unclean vocals and Metalcore guitars that brings a surprise heavier element before the final chorus. Title track “Disconnected” has some icy synths buried under the sort of guitar work that The Browning have been pulling out of the bag of late. The vocals are more balanced with a clean chorus and unclean verses amid Nu-Metal breakdowns. It’s easily the heaviest of the tracks and perhaps suitably is the stand out.

“Hear Me Out” saw the music video appear and after an electronica start with some Pop sensibilities and a funkier bassline, the along breaks into a trademark chorus. There isn’t a song that doesn’t have the sing-a-long factor. What this cut has is a verse of heavier material sandwiched into the track perhaps unnecessarily. It also has a big guitar solo followed by some unclean vocal underpinning that is seen earlier but not used as often as it could be. “Famous Last Words” is the end of the relationship that the EP focuses on. There are a couple of vocal bridges that make is obvious that English isn’t the first language with some compression of phrasing that isn’t natural. Not that it detracts from the overall song. Musically it’s drawn out during the melodic parts but kicks up enough during the heavier parts to give it listenablity. The classic rock solo in the fade is a surprise as their isn’t that level of work displayed anywhere else.

Overall From Fall To Spring are gateway band with a sound that Rise Records pushed about 10 years ago. They have enough melody to have mass appeal among a younger audience while having enough crunch to get a percentage to listen to heavier material. What they lack is anything that is uniquely their own. Having a Nu-Metal inspired sound with a positive lyrical edge isn’t anything new and the band lack the sense of fun that could get this going. After a couple of spins as a more seasoned fan of Metal you’ll soon realise there isn’t all that much to come back for [5/10].

“Disconnected” by From Fall To Spring is out now

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