NEWS: Messora premier “Forever as I Beg”!

17th December will find a pair of new tracks from Montreal Canada’s Messora appear over at bandcamp for your listening pleasure. “Forever as I Beg“, a follow up to the bands 2019 album “The Door” is the main offering, a cut which follows a full album arc of progression within the confines of a nine minute Progressive Death Metal cut while a cover of the Industrial Metal classic “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails joins it as a B-side.

Mastermind Zach Dean explains the title track further: “It is about being trapped in a self-destructive and self-abusive cycle where your vices control you. The song begins lyrically in the valley of the cycle, where the character is in-between self-destructive bouts and is just dealing with the aftermath of their behavior. As the song progresses the lyrics turn darker and read as if there are two characters, an abuser and a victim, even though there is only one individual. The music darkens to reflect this. Towards the end of the song the lyrics are entirely from the point of view of the “abuser” as the music reaches its dynamic climax.” 

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