NEWS: Ulfud announce “Of Existential Distortion”!

Following this teaser from Dark Descent Records of a debut full length album “Of Existential Distortion” from Icelandic Blackened Death Metal act Ulfud in September 2021 our patience has finally been rewarded. The delay, which could be down to Disney lawyers sharpening their pencils over the cover artwork from Bahrull Marta that looks like the Death Star from Star Wars appearing over a Gothic Castle means that pre-orders will finally open on 3rd February with a release date of 17 March set. For those not in the know, Úlfúð (pronounced “ool-wooth”, meaning animosity or hostility) were formed in early 2015 in Reykjavik, Iceland. The band self-released debut EP “First Sermon” in 2018 and recorded debut “Of Existential Distortion” in 2020…

The band comment: “We are extremely excited to be releasing our first full-length album with Dark Descent! This album heralds our entity and declares our intent; to immerse you in our ritual of catharsis and cacophony! We cannot wait to share our music with you. The time is nigh!”

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