NEWS: InVisions drop “Deadlock” video!

As there is just under a month to go before their third album “Deadlock” drops like a deadweight from the 25th floor of an apartment building upon our skulls, York Deathcore quartet InVisions have shared a music video for the title track. They whipped up a storm in December with a headlining tour that gave fans the chance to hear new material in the form of “Gold Blooded“, “Annihilist” and “DVPE” in the live arena, which begs the question, will they be on a summer festival run across Europe in six months time?

Guitarist Lucas Gabb comments: “It’s all about that riff. Deadlock felt like the natural progression from ‘Gold Blooded’ and that main riff just instantly has your head moving! Lyrically it’s about the manifestation of uncertainty, self-doubt, frustration and the sacrifice we have all experienced to pursue music. I feel like this was a turning point for our lyric writing as it’s when we noticed that some of the things we used to write about maybe don’t really identify with us anymore. I think the line “It’s the same old shit, but shit, I’m not the same me” really hits the nail on the head. When you start to doubt everything you do it messes with your confidence. It’s hard to shake and can feel like you’re going round in circles. This is Deadlock.”

Vocalist Ben Ville further comments: “Deadlock is up there with one my favourite tracks off the record. For me it’s just a super fun track, a riff that will make you move your head without realising and a chorus that will give you chills for all the right reasons! Something I can honestly say I’m super proud to be a part of. It feels like everything we have sacrificed to get to where we are now is included in this track and record. I’m super stoked for everyone to hear it and enjoy it as much as I do!”

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