NEWS: Schemata Theory dissect your mind?

Progressive post-hardcore quintet Schemata Theory have released a third from their upcoming new album “Unity In Time”, aided and abetted by Justin Hill (SikTh, Heart of a Coward, Betraying The Martyrs). Titled “Mind Eater” the song takes a look at the consuming and destructive nature of anxiety, following the narrative of the album that is based on their acknowledgement that the struggle continues as we all try to create and develop much needed connections. Our common humanity exists beyond fear, ego and defensiveness, all of which stands in its way. Pre-order bundles are available here.

Vocalist Myles Dyer comments: “‘Mind Eater’ underlines the scary predicament of how anxiety can thrive when our minds continually dwell in memories or perceived futures. But although we can become our own worst enemy during such episodes, with the right tools and methods, we can become our own greatest ally too. This song speaks to the hard battle with anxiety that millions of people grapple with daily.”

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