Exclusive Interview: Obscurcis Romancia talk writing and recording “The Bringer Of Light”!

Returning after a decade as if they were never away, Canadian Symphonic Black Metal outfit Obscurcis Romancia unleashed the four plagues of the apocalypse with their new EP “The Bringer Of Light” earlier this month, masterminded by multi instrumentalist Frederic OR. Assaulting the senses with searing vocals, vibrant leads, abrasive rhythms and dark atmospheres embellished with orchestration, it is one that begs to be heard to be believed. So without further ado, here’s the second part of our interview with the man himself about the new record…

What did you learn during the recordings of ”Theatre Of Deception”  that made the sessions that have followed for “The Bringer Of Light” easier? “We learned that we could almost do all the recording on our own. ”Theatre Of Deception”  was really well produced. A lot of money was put in that project, something that we cannot afford anymore. Things just naturally lead us to self production”

How does the writing process of a new Obscurcis Romancia track start? Melody, riff or rhythm first? “It all starts with guts and feel. There is no real recipe. An Idea can stay unfinish for years, while others stuffs find their own way pretty fast. We play what we like to hear. But melody is the soul of a song, the rest will come by itself on its time”

You have a lot of embellishments in your music with icy piano and orchestrations; have you ever found yourself thinking you’ve added too much complexity to a song? “Complexity is not what we are looking for when we write… We like to play with texture, speed versus slow tempo, ambiance versus extreme riffing, violence versus beauty, Obscurcis Romancia is all about balance of texture”

Sous L’Emprise Des Ténèbres” saw you joined by guest vocalist Jeff Mott; what was he like to work with? “Jeff Mott (Hands Of Despair, Hollow, Frozen) is a longtime friend, we shared stages many times over the years. It was like hanging out with a brother”

For us gear nerds out there, can you tell us what you’re using gear wise (pedals, strings, drums etc) to get your sound? “I  use 7 string custom MF guitar, Mesa Boogie Power Amp 2×50, Mesa Boogie PreAmp Studio Rectifer Recording, Boss GT-Pro Multi Effects and Mesa Boogie 4×12” Cabs. The Drum is a Pearl Export Series with 3 toms and 1 floor. Nothing fancy, we just make sound what we got”

What difference would it make to you as a band if you could land an endorsement from a gear manufacturer? “Better equipment will probably make us sound better and help us achieve the sound that we are chasing. Thanks again for your support Metal Noise \m/ For all of you metalheads, don’t forget to visit our obscurcisromancia.bandcamp.com and keep spreading the word about Obscurcis Romancia!”

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