NEWS: Supergroup Hellblind premier “Hitched”!

Something wicked comes this way with a new band called Hellblind premiering the first single “Hitched” from a debut EP “Plague On All Your Houses” produced, mixed and mastered with Scott Atkins (Cradle of Filth, Venom Prison) at Grindstone Studios set for 23rd March. The outfit is a combination of household names with the throat of Stampin’ Ground (Adam Frakes-Sime), arms of Romeo Must Die (Will Romain), fingers of This Is Menace (Paul Fletcher), eyes of Pitchshifter (Mark Clayden) and scars of Outside the Coma (Charley Olsen) all playing their part…

Speaking about the single, vocalist and lyricist Adam Frakes-Sime states: “Hitched is about the slow build of resentment within a marriage gone bad. The slow unraveling of respect for one another as the constant unwinnable battle wages, amid the feeling of loss of one’s true self to another


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