NEWS: Hypermass premier “Behind The Leviathan”!

Having started out as your typical melodic Death Metal band, Norwegian outfit Hypermass have since evolved into something that lies beyond generic subgenre categorization and with the second single from their 3rd June releasing debut  album “Empyrean” titled “Behind The Leviathan” surfacing they’re demonstrating their prowess.

Commenting on the new track, guitarist Thomas Pedersen states: “This track is the black sheep on the album. Usually, you can find a sense of humor and irony in most of our songs – but this one ended up being the darkest song we have made to date. We wanted a grandiose atmosphere with choir/orchestration and a slow crushing tempo, set to a structure that leads you on a journey. The lyrics were written by our good buddy Lasse, and they fit the vibe oh so well. It’s definitely the furthest we have strayed from our usual soundscape

Commenting on the record’s overarching themes, the band says: “Lyrically, the album is a study in misanthropy and extremist thought. There is a rising scent of alienation festering on the fringes of contemporary culture. A restlessness, brewing like a phantom itch on a severed limb. We stand at the end of an age defined by its conscious deathwish for our self-constructed deities, and an unconscious effort to replace them with nothing. Still unable to suppress our instinct for communion, we erect statues in celebration of any momentary, passing fixation. Sick of the sight of brick and mortar we tear down our walls, only to put new ones in their place as we grow sick of the sight of whatever lies beyond them.

Without a unifying guiding compass – lost somewhere among the aisles of bargain bin scripture and bumper sticker philosophy – there will come a time when appetite for rebellion will have lost the features to distinguish it from a primal thirst for mere catharsis. There will be those whose thirst would tame an ocean.

As seasons pass, the harvest will reveal the nature of the alien seeds we’ve forced upon the soil. And the cages we’ve built will burst with the monsters we foster.

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