Playthrough: “Estrogenocide” from TYMO!

Why is it that since the dawn of time Japanese Metal Heads have been getting exclusive content on albums that we in the Western World have to pay a premium for as “Import Edition“? For Edmonton Alberta Canadians Thrash merchants TYMO the reason is simple. They’re signed to Japanese label Spiritual Beast for the release of their sophomore album “The Art Of A Maniac” mixed and mastered by Graham Smith at Atreus XO Studios along with the amazing album artwork created by Andrei Bouzikov (Municipal Waste, Skeletonwitch, Toxic Holocaust), so they get Green Room Rehearsal renditions of “Killer Krom” and “Mars Attacks“. So while we wait for our import edition to turn up, we’ve at least got a guitar playthrough for “Estrogenocide” from the band to watch.

The band comment: “One of the groovier and gallopy tracks on the album! Lyrically it tells the story of women taking over the Earth and slaughtering all of the men to create a Utopia! Surviving men are enslaved for their seed to continue the human race! This track was inspired by the Rick & Morty Episode “Gazorpazorp.

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