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Playthrough: “Estrogenocide” from TYMO!

Why is it that since the dawn of time Japanese Metal Heads have been getting exclusive content on albums that we in the Western World have to pay a premium for as “Import Edition“? For Edmonton Alberta Canadians Thrash merchants TYMO the reason is simple. They’re signed to Japanese label Spiritual Beast for the release

Interview: Tymo talk “The Art Of A Maniac” with Belgian Jasper!

It might have taken then five years but in creating the follow up to 2017’s “Purge & Reset” but in “The Art Of A Maniac” Canadian Thrash quartet Tymo landed something heavier, faster, more technical than their previous work. Vocalist and guitarist Tim Tymo spoke to Belgian Jasper about not only the record by the

Review: “The Art Of A Maniac” by Tymo

Pinky: “Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?” ; Brain: “The same thing we do every night, Pinky – try to take over the world!” After 2020 brought any plans they might have had to play more shows around their 2017 debut album “Purge & Reset“, Tymo entered the studio and continued to work on

NEWS: Tymo transform in the age of the decepticon?

They may describe themselves as a band who create a golden shower of Thrash Metal but with the latest single from their upcoming 5th February album “The Art of A Maniac”, Edmonton Canada natives Tymo move into groovy, progressive, jazz fusion inspired territory, reminiscent of early Megadeth. Touching on the subject of social media abuse

NEWS: TYMO exchange contracts with “Sanity Clause”!

Edmonton’s Tymo have released the first material since their 2017 album “Purge and Reset”! The track is called “Sanity Clause” and influenced by thrash heavyweights including Megadeth, Slayer and Municipal Waste, the single is will depart from the melodic end of the metal spectrum exhibiting more speed, energy and technicality that is akin to the traditional