NEWS: Tymo transform in the age of the decepticon?

They may describe themselves as a band who create a golden shower of Thrash Metal but with the latest single from their upcoming 5th February album “The Art of A Maniac”, Edmonton Canada natives Tymo move into groovy, progressive, jazz fusion inspired territory, reminiscent of early Megadeth. Touching on the subject of social media abuse and how people change under the influence of technology and how the human race is now very connected yet still so very distant from each other, the song is the third single from an album that will see a physical edition in Japan with a pair of bonus cuts 11 days after it appears everywhere else.

The band comment: ““Age Of Deception” was an instrumental that Nick Schwartz had written over 12 years ago, which was sitting in his computer. He showed it to the rest of the band and everyone was blown away. Nick was taking jazz guitar lessons at the time and it really rubbed off on this track. Tim [Tymo, vocals and guitars] quickly added some lyrics to it and it became “Age Of Deception.” This song is definitely a new style for the band and really shows off our skillset! One of those songs that’s fast and to the point, another favorite to play live!

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