Exclusive Interview: Mustasuo talk new album “Hiljaisuus”!

A month after it’s release, we talk to Mustasuo mastermind Antti Saarilampi (guitar, vocals, song writing) about his bands new album “Hiljaisuus”, a Blackened Crust Punk blitzkrieg that knows no boundaries or borders.

You released “Hiljaisuus” on 1st April, April fools day. How did you come to choose the date for the release and how have you found the reaction to the album so far? “There was no specific reason behind the date, we had no set schedule so we just wanted the album out as soon as it was ready and out of the cd press. The reaction has been quite positive, what little there has been”

As fans we love the fact that there is so much more than just the Blackened Crust Punk abrasions, the Jazz elements bring a whole new dimension to the music. What were your inspirations for those and who do you consider to be your influences more generally? “That’s nice to hear! We all have very diverse tastes and that probably seeps into our music a bit. For the quieter parts I guess some bossa nova like Antonio Carlos Jobim was the main inspiration, but there wasn’t any one source we tried to copy or emulate. There are too many bands to make a full list of general influences, but the more obvious ones would definitely include some like Napalm Death, Converge, Enslaved, DrDoom and Livstid”

Original bassist/vocalist Christopher Livingstone exited the band after the recording of “Hiljaisuus” and has subsequently been replaced by Otto Joki of Nistikko fame; did you ever think about re-recording those bass parts to better reflect the band as it is now or does it feel like a fitting tribute to have one final offering with Livingstone wielding the four string axe? “We never considered replacing the bass tracks, all the instruments were recorded simultaneously and that live feel is really important to us. Furthermore, we’re still on really good terms with Christopher, he’s actually going to release the cassette version of Hiljaisuus soon on his label, Suspected of Arson Records. We are glad to embrace his contribution!”

Your last album had guests bands including Revulsion, Will Cope, Bonehunter and Tunkio on board. What was behind the decision not to have anyone join you this time around? “Members of those bands actually were on this record, maybe some info got mixed up? Actually there are even more, namely from Napalm Ted, Cut to Fit, Boar and some independent agents… The list would grow even longer if you were to include all their bands!” 

We could blame the promo release notes, but credit where credit is due, the guest list for the album is actually as follows…

Aleksi Huhta, Otto Joki, Jani Kuorikoski, Karolis Navašinskas, Joonatan Rajala, Fanny Riekki & Urho – vocals
Jari Räävi – spoken word and clarinet
Kalle Huttu-Hiltunen & Jere Kilpinen – crusty loops / noise

As a band what would mean more to you, playing 10 shows opening for a band like Mayhem or playing a one off major festival like Bloodstock (UK), Hellfest (France) or Wacken (Germany)? “That’s a hard one! I feel maybe the tour would be more fun (or at least for longer), and maybe attract more potential fans since this is still such a niche subgenre. It’s also not that easy to stand out when there’s a hundred bands playing in the span of a few days”

What’s next for Mustasuo? “We’re heading off for a small Baltic tour next week, and after that we’re probably going to record a couple of tracks for upcoming splits or other smaller releases. No further plans besides those at the moment”

Hiljaisuus” by Mustasuo is out now via Off Records and available over at bandcamp

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