Exclusive Interview: Sailor Hunter talk debut EP!

It’s been a whirlwind two years for Gothenburg Sweden based Groove Metal quartet Sailor Hunter who have smashed out of the park seven singles seven deadly sins and then followed that up with a debut self titled EP which appeared last week via Inverse Records. Taking influence from the Mediterranean sea, the famed Gothenburg sound of Melodic Death Metal and American Groove Metal they have reached this point with back breaking efforts of herculean proportions. So a conversation with them? It went something like this…

How have you found the reaction to the singles you’ve released from your debut self titled EP so far?Honestly it has succeeded all our expectations. Back in 2020 when we started releasing music as just singles our goal was to understand how our music would be appreciate by a potential audience. We didn’t really had a master plan about how we expected how our songs would be, liked, loved or hated? , but we can say that we were very grateful about how well it went

From the outside looking in it feels brave to release a true story of death, addiction, love and broken dreams over four guilt edged cuts for your debut EP. Did it feel cathartic to record it and let it out? It’s important for us that the songs we make together are truthful and honest, and the lyrics need to be as well. The lyrics are written under some time and I in some ways its cathartic, but it really comes down to be able to put a piece of yourself in the song that means something. Not just Writing for the sake of Writing

Do you have any plans for a physical release that includes any of the previously released standalone singles? “Flowers of Autumn” in particular has been hugely successful for you and we would love to hear it on vinyl! Oh yes we have been talking about this quiet a lot , We are very positive that it might happen!

The Metal Skull with a three-pronged helmet first appeared in the cover artwork for “Selected Poems” in 2020. What made you choose the symbol as part of your EP cover artwork and who came up with the design? We felt that Selected Poems had a very powerful vibe which matched our logo. We thought using it on our EP as well as is the best way to represent our band with just one simple image but at the same time has a deep powerful meaning for us. The design was designed by our guitarist Al Rinald. The logo represents his love for skulls and the sea recalling Poseidon which represents our area in Göteborg

How does it feel to look at the statistics on Spotify that show you have fans so far away from your native Sweden in places like Mexico and Sao Paulo loving your music? We really have to thanks the power of communication with social media nowadays, we were really stoked and thankful about the feedback and love received around the world as we literally started from scratch, zero as a full band. Insane what can be achieve with consistency, music and dreams

What’s next for Sailor Hunter?Keeping the strong consistency, we are working every day to improve in many ways in the songwriting and production process . We have some wishes and plans going on to be achieve 2023, as playing in Shows, festivals or who knows vinyl perhaps?

Self Titled” by Sailor Hunter is out now via Inverse Records and available over at bandcamp

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