NEWS: A Unholy Mass of Thirteen Goats prepare to trample…

A hybrid of Florida Death Metal, UK Grindcore, and classic 80s Thrash, Thirteen Goats stampeded out of Canada and into our eardrums with the politically-charged single “Return to Ruin” last month. The first single from their upcoming debut record “Servants of the Outer Dark” is inevitably followed by a second and “Unholy Mass” takes the Extreme Metal trio in a different direction, momentarily setting politics aside to mount a Blackened broadside against organized religion. Pre-orders for the 1st July release are available over at bandcamp.

Guitarist and vocalist Graham K. Miles explains in detail: “This was the first song Rob [Fitz-Gerald, guitars/vocals] and I wrote together. He came up with almost all the riffs, and I wrote the lyrics, which tell the story of a priest determined to cleanse the world of sinners through gruesome murder. It’s about the hypocrisy of people who preach peace and love but enforce their values through violence. I also managed to sneak a Cryptopsy reference into the chorus—see if you can pick it out!”


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