NEWS: Blackment paint the Black to Grey!

As Festival Season reaches its conclusion, Inverse Records will be releasing the debut album ”Plains of Oblivion” from Blackment, a band that has existed in one form or another since 2014. That will drop on 9th September with new single “Clouds” painting the black to grey as they showcase a lighter moment from the record.

Guitarist Saalas Ruokangas comments: “Clouds represents the lighter side from the upcoming album, and it also has some rock vibes to it. I Remember listening to a lot of Happoradio back when I made this song. Some of the listeners might find elements and influences from the artist. Regardless, this song doesn’t lack of Blackment’s unique guitar riffs, catchy melodies, and darker elements. At first it was inspired by events of a fantasy novel series and the characters’ storm of emotions, but the director of the video saw it with a lot deeper, personal meaning. That was actually a very positive surprise, so the listeners might make their own interpretations of the lyrics as well

Video director Juno Ruokangas adds: “The music video for Clouds draws from the song’s lyrics. My take on the song is that it’s about vulnerability – how the people in our lives leave traces in our souls, and how we must allow for that, even though it isn’t always easy. This ’hiding behind clouds’ that’s mentioned in the chorus, I took that as building walls around oneself,” Juno Ruokangas tells and admits that making real connections can sometimes be scary. But this fear must die so that life can truly be lived. The songwriter may have an entirely different take on it, but this is how I approached the story in this song. It was great to be able to make my vision into reality, and I’m especially pleased with Allan Välimaa’s editing work. It really elevated and refined the concept far beyond what the raw footage was

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