NEWS: Without Warning escape the toxic waste waterfall?

Creeping in the shadows, With gazing empty eyes, The demon of my nightmares, Has risen from the ground, Claws sharp as needles, Ready to tear me apart, Never ending thirst,’ She will consume me alive, Her whispers echo…. Black Venom, Spreading like an illness, Inject me with your hatred, It’s all your born to do, You can’t have me, No you can’t have me

As they continue to establish their fan base and find their sound, Turku Finnish female fronted Modern Metal act Without Warning have unleashed their third single and music video for one called “Black Venom” via Inverse Records. It follows “Delusion” and “Insanity” which have both has the same treatment from the band who comprise vocalist Michaela Tuomenoksa, guitarist Juuso Javanainen, bassist Joakim Keuru and drummer Lauri Tuomenoksa and come from the same sessions with Aleksi Rintala (Kekkonen, Gray State, Santeri Seessalo) who produced, mixed and mastered.

Vocalist Michaela Tuomenoksa comments: “Black Venom” is an intense story about the definition of evil, manifested in a woman and ready to spread hatred everywhere she goes. Visually the story is brought to life in a horror biohazard surrounding, taking the spectator in the middle of events. The song came along quite fast as Juuso (guitarist) got inspired by the concept of the story, and wanted to bring life to it. It felt as the easiest project so far music wise as the band had a very clear idea of how it would be produced. I like to write about my experiences in a metaphoric way, just like I did with Black Venom. I believe in the good in people, but on a rare occasion you might cross paths with someone you wish you didn’t. Someone who lives off of creating chaos and taking everything from you to the last drop. Pure evil. And that’s what spreading the black toxic is about.” 

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