NEWS: Aniimalia swear by Ridley Scott?

Fresh from winning Kerrang! Magazine’s ‘The Deal’ after a unanimous decision from an esteemed panel of judges, Aniimalia made their debut festival performance at Download opening up the Avalanche Stage with material from forthcoming EP “Pressure Points” on show and influences ranging from Marmozets to Beartooth. Marshall Records will be releasing that EP on 19th August with single “Alien” given to Loki Films to create a fitting music video…

The band comment: “Alien was an exciting opportunity to experiment with our sound and imagery. We wrote the song relatively early on as a band, so when it came to recording we definitely jumped on the opportunity to expand it into a more extra-terrestrial sound. It was important to stay true to our energy but also focus on the storytelling aspect, which was originally inspired by a lot of Sci-Fi films and TV, but developed into something a lot deeper. The lyrics ended up reflecting the kind of paranoia a lot of us experience, especially related to anxiety, surrounding what other people think of us, and an obsession with reputation as a whole. It’s something that was a personal struggle at the time, but also really noticeable in the world around us – everyone’s become a lot more aware of the world and more sceptical of each other.

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