NEWS: Belgians Mantah premier second single “The Enemy”!

A resurgence in Nu-Metal has continued with members and former members of Fields of Troy, Diecast Unit, Lethal Injury, Bloodrocuted and Spoil Engine joining forces, inspired by the likes of Korn, Linkin Park and Slipknot who they each grew up with to write heavy, pounding music with catchy, diverse vocals and melodies in Mantah. Hailing from West-Flanders in Belgium the band will be gracing stages soon with their live debut scheduled for 29th October 2022 at ‘Club de B’ in Torhout Belgium. They’ve premiered a second single in “The Enemy” to follow debut “Game Over” as they prepare to climb the ladder to the European Festival circuit for next summer…


Vocalist Sven Herssens: “The song “The Enemy” is about overcoming our inner villain. As humans, we all go through daily pressures, struggles and difficulties that leave us with scars of negativity. We often see ourselves as our own worst enemy. For the second time in a row, we collaborated with photographer Bruno Dyserinck, who created a fantastic visualization of the lyrical theme.

Guitarist Bart adds: “This is the last song we wrote before we went into the studio. We were still looking for a short, powerful song without difficult song structures. The focus for this song was entirely on creating a groovy rhythm section. On top of that we wanted a lot of emphasis on melodic vocal hooks.

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