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NEWS: Open water swimming for Mantah?

Accompanied by a music video produced and directed by Philippe Piffet, Belgian Nu-Metal revivalists Mantah who feature members and former members of Fields of Troy, Diecast Unit, Lethal Injury, Bloodrocuted and Spoil Engine in their ranks have premiered a third single in relatively quick succession in “Drown“. Yet to make their live debut, the band are

NEWS: Belgians Mantah premier second single “The Enemy”!

A resurgence in Nu-Metal has continued with members and former members of Fields of Troy, Diecast Unit, Lethal Injury, Bloodrocuted and Spoil Engine joining forces, inspired by the likes of Korn, Linkin Park and Slipknot who they each grew up with to write heavy, pounding music with catchy, diverse vocals and melodies in Mantah. Hailing from West-Flanders in

NEWS: Mantah launch themselves with “Game Over”!

The story of Mantah began in 2018 when Bart Vandeportaele exited stage left from Spoil Engine after eight years. Over the next couple years he began working with members former members of Fields of Troy, Diecast Unit, Fields of Troy, Lethal Injury and Bloodrocuted, a collection of musicians grew up in the heart of the

NEWS: Spoil Engine return with a Pantera cover!

There is little doubt that the most underrated Pantera album is 2000’s “Reinventing The Steel“, perhaps simply because they did so much that was great, that it gets pushed down the order of things. Our personal favourite track from that album just so happens to be “Yesterday Don’t Mean Sh!t“, a cut that Belgian and

NEWS: Spoil Engine “Unlock And Release”!

Following the success of their 2019 album “Renaissance Noire“ Belgian female fronted Groove Metallers Spoil Engine were invited to play 2020’s incarnation of 70,000 Tonnes of Metal. Oh how the World turned from there. Returning with a new single in tribute to the late The Prodigy frontman Keith Flint and the Punks that make the

Playthrough: New Spoil Engine riffs!

Amazingly, the change to hear some new Spoil Engine material has been provided to us by of all people Gojira. The Frenchmen launched their new Neural DSP plugin and passed it to Steven ‘gaze’ Sanders, the sole remaining founding member of the Belgian Groove Metal act, the first from their nation to sign for Roadrunner

Exclusive Interview: Entheogen talk “Other World”!

The spark of Entheogen began life during some chemistry-laden jam sessions between friends Laurens De Cock (guitar and vocals), Keyvan Valamanesh (guitar and hair) and Anton Hellemans (bass) gave them ideas to peruse in 2017. They took their time to craft their sound before they found drummer and percussionist Chey Mahieuin in 2019 and that gave

Review: “Other World” by Entheogen

“Drift off to catch glimpses of an other world… Entheogen, a musical group which expresses esoteric hunches into progressive, chaotic yet soothing waveform constructs, injects their expressive pieces into the auditory spectrum that breezes over Ghent’s treetops.”

Bootleg: “Frostbite” from Spoil Engine!

…with rehearsals well under way for the 10th October Sound of Noise socially distanced show in Belgium that will see them joined by Dyscordia and Evil Invaders, Spoil Engine have shared “Frostbite” from the sessions. The original appears on their current album “Renaissance Noire“, out now via Arising Empire…

NEWS: Metal Alliance Festival set to save summer?

A group of European Festival organisers, including Bloodstock and Brutal Assault have got together to create an online Festival for this summer. An intriguing mix of bands is in the offering over the weekend of 7th-9th August including the talents of Butcher Babies, Alien Weaponry, King 810, Venom Prison and Spoil Engine. Tickets are priced