NEWS: Mantah launch themselves with “Game Over”!

The story of Mantah began in 2018 when Bart Vandeportaele exited stage left from Spoil Engine after eight years. Over the next couple years he began working with members former members of Fields of Troy, Diecast Unit, Fields of Troy, Lethal Injury and Bloodrocuted, a collection of musicians grew up in the heart of the Nu-Metal era. Combining their heritage with a love of breakbeats, samples and¬† synths, the band from West-Flanders, Belgium have started their journey with “Game Over” and have a wealth of singles to follow…

Vocalist Sven Herssens comments: “The song Game Over is about people who have always oppressed you, psychologically abused you and lied to you throughout your life. Game Over aims to overcome and break with toxic people in your life and ultimately come out stronger.

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