NEWS: Open water swimming for Mantah?

Accompanied by a music video produced and directed by Philippe Piffet, Belgian Nu-Metal revivalists Mantah who feature members and former members of Fields of Troy, Diecast Unit, Lethal Injury, Bloodrocuted and Spoil Engine in their ranks have premiered a third single in relatively quick succession in “Drown“. Yet to make their live debut, the band are aiming for the stars and a European Festival run next summer with the style they have chosen as their own, inspired by bands like Slipknot and Linkin Park

The band comment: “Inspired by modern metal and 90s nu-metal, MANTAH serves a blistering cocktail of ‘new’ and ‘nu’! The song “Drown” is about going down in your own misery, caused by all the fake people around you. Yet we are determined to find a way to rise again!

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