NEWS: In Search Of Solace share “Dead Reflections”!

Metallic hardcore quartet In Search Of Solace have shared a stunning music video for their new single “Dead Reflections”, a tale of addiction and suffering that finds vocalist Jonny LaDuke baring his soul on a deeply personal cut. Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota the band have made their name with extensive DIY and support tours, sharing stages with the acts like  Of Virtue and Earth Groans.

Guitarist and vocalist Nick Pocock has this to say about the song’s meaning: “This song is about the pain of being trapped in a cycle of addiction and succumbing to a vice that you want to break free from. You know it isn’t healthy and yet you justify it and tell yourself this time will be different and inevitably end up in more pain, time and time again. By the end of the song the subject accepts their fate as never being able to change and being damned until the end

The band comments on the music video: “Our actor is essentially wasting away at a cabin in the woods, stumbling out the door and eventually dies on a frozen lake. Filming this was very emotional as capturing that pain is hard to watch someone go through, even if it’s only acting

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