NEWS: The Nightmare begins for Gnash?

Conceived in Columbus Ohio this year, Gnash are a quartet who have already established their sound, forging their debut EP “Shared Nightmare” by drawing influence from Death and Black Metal and wrapping them tightly around a core of intense Sludge. A concept record offering a profound and thought-provoking insight into the darkest reaches of mental health issues, it tells the tale of conjoined twins, where one half of the pair dies. The remaining twin must continue on in life, carrying with him a corpse he can’t be rid of.  An exploration of what it means to bear trauma and the toll it takes after a lifetime of being weighed down by such inescapable feelings, it’s not one for the faint of heart as single “The Darker Half” demonstrates ahead of the r cord release on 22nd September.

Vocalist Josh Richter comments: “I’ve never done a concept record before so I wanted to try to tell a story in great detail over an entire record rather than just one song. As dark and gruesome as the concept is, the underlying theme is the feeling of carrying around emotional baggage and trauma your whole life and the effects it takes on someone. Life is a heavy burden sometimes

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