NEWS: Veil Of The Serpent announce “Gallery Of Sin”!

Having given us a trail of breadcrumbs in the form of four well received stand alone singles “When Fear Becomes The Law“, “Into The Moon“, “Enter The Culling” and “The Scarred” which have surpassed 90k of streams between Spotify and YouTube alone, Veil Of The Serpent have announced that their debut EP “Gallery Of Sin” will drop on 31st October, just in time for Halloween. A concept record said to contain a frightening horror story about a detective hunting down a serial killer that makes paintings using the blood of his victims, it will be preceded by single “Profiling A Demon” on 4th October and has distinctive 80’s horror cover art. A teaser video for the three track affair from the band who have an Ocean in between them with a vocalist in the US and drummer and guitarist in Germany has appeared along with that news…

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