Playthrough: “Apex Predator” from Eaten By Sharks!

Showcasing the talents of drummer Justin Whitehead with a playthrough video for “Apex Predator”, one the strongest cuts on their new album “Eradication“, Canadians Eaten By Sharks let their music do the talking as the lyrical narrative switches seamlessly from that of the victim to that of the killer. It’s the fifth of seven cuts to appear on the album to be given a music video of some kind leaving “Same Face, Different Mask” and “Megalodon” yet untapped from the album produced, mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson (Psycroptic, The Agonist)…

Vocalist Matt Sherriff shares his inspiration for the lyrics on the album: “I love horror movies and I aim for the nautical themes to keep them consistent with the ideals of the band. The amazing nature of sharks is that they can adapt to any surroundings and do their thing and create a natural equilibrium. We need the horror, nature ain’t always nice and we like to celebrate wickedness

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