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Review: “Ominous Ubiquitous” by Kohnerah

Known for their lyrical themes of not only Death, Destruction and Mind Control but also of Failed Empires, Aliens and Demons are Kansas City Missouri based Death Metal quintet Kohnerah. Featuring in their ranks members and former members of Damned by the Pope, Moire and Diskreet this crew of Soldiers of Fortune are no strangers

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Albums of 2022!

A new dawn, a new day, more riffs, percussive battery and rumbling bass? Sounds good! After revealing our top #5 EPs of 2022 yesterday, it is time to turn to the albums. As previously stated, the rules are simple. Seven songs for seven deadly sins comprises an album in streaming services, coupled with us having

Playthrough: “Apex Predator” from Eaten By Sharks!

Showcasing the talents of drummer Justin Whitehead with a playthrough video for “Apex Predator”, one the strongest cuts on their new album “Eradication“, Canadians Eaten By Sharks let their music do the talking as the lyrical narrative switches seamlessly from that of the victim to that of the killer. It’s the fifth of seven cuts to

Playthrough: “Kill and Consume” from Eaten By Sharks!

Canadian axe wielding duo Chris Chaperon and Dan Okowinsky fire a few shots across the bowes as they accompany a warning about unethical consumption with riffs a plenty on “Kill and Consume” from their band Eaten By Sharks debut full length album “Eradication“. Produced, mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson (Psycroptic, The Agonist), that is

Review: “Eradication” by Eaten By Sharks

It’s been nine years since 2013’s “We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat” landed from Canadians Eaten By Sharks, a record which opened the doors to sharing stages with everyone from Revocation to Emmure. Their return was inevitably hampered by a Global situation that changed the World with the band originally set to record in 2020

NEWS: Eaten By Sharks drop third single “Depth Charge”!

Thalassophobia – the persistent and intense fear of deep bodies of water such as the ocean. The feeling of something underneath you, that you can’t see. The exact feeling that Eaten By Sharks channel in their new album “Eradication” and especially so in the latest single “Depth Charge”. Along with that sinking feeling in the

NEWS: Eaten By Sharks offer second summons in “Dead Weight”!

A month before the release of their new album “Eradication“, St. Catharine’s Ontario Canadian Technical Death Metal quintet Eaten By Sharks have released a second single from the album in “Dead Weight“. Produced, mixed and mastered by the legendary Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy, The Agonist), the album will drop on 26th August with pre-orders available over

NEWS: Eaten By Sharks head to the Pacific Rim?

Originally planned for a 2020 release but held back due to some Global situation no one seems to have heard of, the return of Canadian’s Eaten By Sharks with “Eradication” is now set for 26th August. The follow up to 2013’s “We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat” was produced, mixed and mastered by the legendary