Playthrough: “Kill and Consume” from Eaten By Sharks!

Canadian axe wielding duo Chris Chaperon and Dan Okowinsky fire a few shots across the bowes as they accompany a warning about unethical consumption with riffs a plenty on “Kill and Consume” from their band Eaten By Sharks debut full length album “Eradication“. Produced, mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson (Psycroptic, The Agonist), that is one which combines new and old Death Metal influences while proving the quintet to be a cut above the competition at the top of the food chain…

The band comment: “It’s tight as nails and loud as fuck. We are very lucky to have Justin [Whitehead, Drums] as the backbone of the band, he hits so fucking hard we have to crank our amps to 11. We spend a lot of time working on our songs at rehearsal so you get a good clear punch in the face. If we can’t hear the riffs when the sound hits the air in rehearsal, it’s time to tweak structure or tone until it makes sense

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