Documentary: Drum tracking “Ashes Lie Still” with Ingested!

In what feels like the longest build up of all time, the 4th November will finally see the unveiling of “Ashes Lie Still“, the debut album for Mancunian Death Metallers Ingested for Metal Blade Records. We’ve had four singles, a collection of playthrough videos, interviews and more so now it’s time for a documentary about drum tracking…

Here’s a short behind the scenes documentary of our drum tracking sessions for ASHES LIE STILL. Due to the pandemic we tracked all instruments separately so it was just me and our producer Nico Beninato locked up in his studio in Mallorca for a week during August 2020, it was a pretty brutal experience cause we were dealing with a heatwave at that time and as the studio was newly built, there was no air conditioning installed, so excuse my effing and jeffing at parts. Thoughout the 20 min clip you’ll get to see some drum tracking footage and walk throughs of the equipment we were using and why we decided upon them. Enjoy!” ~ Lyn Jeffs

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