NEWS: The Grand Mal share second single “Smash The Grave”!

This year’s incarnation of Rabidfest will double for Oxford Stoner Metal act The Grand Mal as an album release show for their sophomore record the cunningly titled “II“. Attendees will have just one day to learn the lyrics ahead of the show with the exceptions of two pre-release singles in “Rule My Soul” and now “Smash The Grave” out now via APF Records. No grave stones were harmed during the creation of the latter. Pre-orders are available over at bandcamp.

Vocalist Dave-O says of the track: “It’s about accepting the inevitable. We’re all gonna die, but some people walk around as if they’re already dead. It’s about looking at death and thinking ‘wow, life is finite, life is beautiful, so while I’m here I’m gonna live’. It’s a positive lyric under a cloak of darkness

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