NEWS: Casket Robbery suffer Post-Mortem boredom?

Filmed in the “Autopsy Room” at Brodhead Manor, a well-known abandoned schoolhouse and haunted attraction in Southern Wisconsin, Casket Robbery have premiered a music video for “Post-Mortem” from their upcoming new album “Rituals Of Death“. That will be released from prison on 11th November via Blood Blast Distribution, a ten track affair that finds female fronted the Midwest mercenaries crossing Death Metal with Horror themes and the World of the Occult.

Vocalist Megan Orvold-Scheider comments on the concept behind the horror-inspired video. “It tells the incredibly dark story of a body being autopsied and things being found that are very far from normal. A being trapped in a body still very much alive-but dormant, as the autopsy awakens the curses placed upon her to keep her dormant

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