NEWS: Hellevate set to return with “The Purpose is Cruelty”!

It may have been three years since their 2019 Christmas single “Krampusnacht” but the new year will finally bring a new EP from Kansas City Thrash overlords Hellevate in “The Purpose is Cruelty“. Comprising five new cuts in a violent hybrid of East Coast and Bay Area sub-genres with a healthy dose of Power and Speed in the mix, it will appear on 14th January with the title track out now from a band who have previously shared stages with everyone from Exodus to Venom Inc!

Guitarist Joshua Cole comments. “’The Purpose is Cruelty’ is a song we’ve been working on and playing live for a while. A lot of our songs can get pretty elaborate and intensive musically, and it felt like a good change of pace to strip it back a bit. Take more of a sledgehammer approach for a song, ya know? Necessarily we needed an equally vicious vocal approach. The lyrics are about the inherent cruelty built into society and leadership; the way so many seem to enjoy inflicting pain on others. Rob [Browne, vocals] does a fantastic job bringing the venom! This is just a taste of what’s on the EP, and we know you’ll like the rest of what we have in store!


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