NEWS: Varmia announce “Prolog” with “Oddal”!

Continuing their mission of fusing Black Metal with elements and instruments of ancient Baltic tribes of the historical Warmia region of northern Poland like the tagelharpa, goat horn, wood tuba and krivula, Varmia have unveiled the first single “Oddal” from an EP “Prolog” to be released at the turn of the year. Curiously however, while the artwork and pre-orders have appeared, the Polish Pagan Black Metal group have chosen to only release the single in standalone music video form and not make it available digitally in any other format. M-Theory Audio will handle the release of the EP itself on 6th January, in follow up to their 2021 album “bal Lada” which was their first with the label and the pre-orders are available over at bandcamp.

Vocalist and guitarist Lasota comments: “In the near future we will share our three new pieces. A musical and visual triptych, which in fact is a prologue to what’s next to come. For the first time in our history, we’ve felt that the album needs some sort of introduction, an opening. So, here’s the first lift of the veil. ‘Oddal’ is a Polish word for seclusion, distance and isolation. We invite you there.”

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