Documentary: Split Image “Torrent of Illusion” tour!

For twelve nights Californian Crossover Thrash act Split Image hit the road across six states with friends Psycho Mantis to support their debut album “Torrent of Illusion”. The bands captured their West Coast experience in a documentary produced by Chris Sia (Low Budget Productions, Split Image) and is now streaming online via director Dylan Baumgartner’s Reelverse Productions YouTube channel.

Split Image adds: “During our tour this summer, we invited Reelverse Productions to join Split Image and Psycho Mantis on the road for the Psycho Image Tour. We love touring and bringing our music to fans and seeing them light up the pit. We traveled across the West Coast from California to the Pacific North West and back through stops in Nevada and Arizona. All the places were just so welcoming. We also like to bands Contact (Centralia, WA) and Corpus (Murrieta, CA). We are all about unity through music and with Torrent of Illusion, we strongly believe that our listeners will truly appreciate the messages of becoming hyper-aware of yourself as an individual as well as being aware of others around us. Take care of yourself and others around you because we are all we have”.

Dylan Baumgartner of Reelverse Productions also adds: “Being a part of the Psycho Image Tour was such an amazing experience. I’ve played in bands all my life, but never toured before so when I heard from Chris Sia that his band, Split Image, would be going on tour with Psycho Mantis, I had to jump on the opportunity. I think what small DIY touring bands do is incredibly admirable, they travel for miles, spend hours stuck in a van, unload equipment, set up, play for roughly twenty minutes, hope they made some merch sales, then pack it all back up just to do it all over again the next day. Being able to document the tour, edit together the footage and contribute something special to the local Inland Empire metal/hardcore scene is really exciting for me. I can’t wait for people to see it and I hope it either inspires local bands to hit the road or it just inspires someone to join a band.

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