Exclusive Interview: A Titan, A Deity talk “Descendant”, Tech-Fest and standalone singles!

The first of a pair of exclusive interviews with the incredible A Titan, A Deity finds us discussing all manor of oddities in the aftermath of the release of their sophomore EP “Descendant“. The record has been one with singles staggered over the year, “Bleak” released in March, “Io” in April and “Heirloom” in July, each one giving us a slice of new material while raising the expectations of the remainder before the mouth watering prospect arrived in November. Some might say Progressive Metalcore at its finest and given we gave it an 8/10 in review, so our opinion is clear…

The majority of new EP “Descendant” was waterfall released; how have you found that release strategy to work for you? “We’re really happy with the waterfall release and how it has done so far. It’s really helped us stay front of mind on socials which is getting increasingly harder and it’s helped keep up momentum internally and externally”

Our paths first crossed with your performance at Tech-Fest; how important has the festival been to the band’s career to date? “Tech-Fest was always a big goal for us ever since we started, so it was great that we were able to play it this year, especially after Covid and everything. We met so many amazing people and it brought us to a new audience as well so it has definitely been an important and big moment for us”

If we are made up of our genes and our influences, what is in your jeans and who would you consider your influences? “We definitely take a lot of influence from bands like Periphery, Tesseract and Northlane who we’ve been listening to for years. Individually we all have slightly different tastes and musical backgrounds as well which I think really helps when writing and keeping our music varied”

As a band, A Titan A Deity has been around for six years now; when you look back on what you’ve achieved so far, what are your fondest memories? “We’ll always be grateful for some of the shows we’ve played. Our first show was actually supporting Monuments which was an insane way to kick off our gigging career looking back. Then our first play on BBC Introducing was another milestone, as was Tech-Fest and most recently Kerrang playing Revelations is something we’ll always remember”

Between your first record “Animate / Redefine” and “Descendant” you’ve released a trio of singles in “Carpe Noctem“, “Lilith” and “Genesis“. What made you cut them adrift as standalone and not include them on the new record? “We love those singles, and initially they were planned to be on the next EP, but as time went on and we were writing more we didn’t think they fit in with some of the other songs as well. I think this is partly because Covid happened and we had so much more time to write and we developed different areas of our sound”

What’s next for A Titan, A Deity? “We’re planning a lot of shows right now for 2023 to support the EP release, and we’ve also started work on writing new music so hopefully there won’t be as long a wait between releases this time!”

Watch this space as a second interview with the band all about writing and recording will appear in 7 days time!

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