NEWS: Alienatör return to the land of regret…

From the land of regret the dark, powerful, honest and intense new album from Canadians Alienatör has spawned a new music video, this time for the title track. The follow up to 2019s “Pariahs” finds the band expanding from a two to a three piece with the arrival of drummer Simon Paquette as they blend Hardcore and Punk in the vein of Botch as they once again utilize  Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Obituary, Foreign Hands, Mindforce) for mastering.

Vocalist and guitarist Brad King comments: “One of the more heartfelt and emotional songs I’ve written, dealing with personal regrets and struggles and the passage of time. I like the energy and looser feel of it, musically. Sean’s really standing on his head with some of the bass fills on this one but it’s all tasteful and fits perfectly, elevating the whole song. Simon also fills empty spaces in interesting ways on the drums here

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