NEWS: Mammoth Caravan prepare for Ice Cold Oblivion with Frostbite!

A song which tells the story of a baby mammoth that strayed from the herd and is being pursued by a primitive nomad that’s hungry for blood might not be the usual fare but it’s the subject that Little Rock Arkansas Sludge Metal trio Mammoth Caravan have chosen for “Frostbite“, a cut which servers as the second single and closing track of their forthcoming debut album “Ice Cold Oblivion“. 25th February is the date that you need to know with pre-orders are of course available over at bandcamp.

According to bassist and vocalist Brandon Ringo (who celebrated a birthday on the same day as the premiere), “the song is our favourite to play live and the one I’m most proud of on Ice Cold Oblivion; and it really channels a heavy Electric Wizard or Eyehategod-esque boogie

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