NEWS: Multi national Valcata premier “Paralyzed”!

Mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Amaranthe, The Black Dahlia Murder), multi national ethereal Symphonic Metal act Valcata have unveiled a new single in “Paralyzed“. Comprised of musicians known for their work in Sacrosanct, Saliency, Eraserhead, Diesis, Condemned To Dream, First Encounter, Oceanrise, SL Theory, Serenity Broken, Persona Non Grata, Enblood, Nephilim, Evenor, Everlasting Mortality, Nergard and Woods Of Wonders, 2019 saw the project’s self-titled debut full-length unleashed, followed by the single “Tower” in early 2021…

This song is about how being a musician can sometimes be torturous and depressing, because there’s a climb to success that seems so insurmountable” says composer Oha Cade.

I’m sure not only musicians can relate to this, but anyone who has a dream or a goal and sometimes feels lost. “Paralyzed” is about a moment in time that many of us feel, where the future seems bleak. There is hope of course, and my hope is expressed in the creation of the song itself. I’m extremely grateful to have worked with the insanely talented musicians who have brought this song to life

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