NEWS: American Standards share second chapter of “Dopamine Dealer”!

They say expect the unexpected and you’ll be prepared for anything but let’s be honest. There is unexpected and there is out of the ball park insanity. What are we talking about? Well come 3rd February Arizona heavy hardcore band American Standards will unveil a new EP titled “Dopamine Dealer“. Having already given us single “The Dealer” as an insight into what it may offer, they’ve flipped the script and done the unthinkable. A gritty, bass driven new single titled ‘The Tourist’ has now surfaced with an unexpected guest feature from Phoenix gloom rap artist Cody Milford of The God Samaritan. Make of that what you will

American Standards Vocalist Brandon Kellum said of the song: “The Tourist explores themes of consumerism and legacy. It’s easy to get lost chasing things that really don’t matter. That instant gratification fades quickly though and results in the search for the next hit of dopamine. I’d like to think a more resonating legacy is left by the impact you have on others.

Listen to “The Tourist” by American Standards on Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp or wherever you find music.

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