Throwback: “Cyclops” from Cyclops Cataract!

Another year older, wiser and more aggressive… Usually we throwback like a Quarterback in American football with a strong right arm a decade or more at least but a new dawn, a new day and a new year gives us the opportunity to do something a little different. Scottish Black Metal act Cyclops Cataract gave us an album in “The Bestiary” in 2021 which turned our World upside down, fusing together elements of Death Metal, Grindcore, Progressive and Ambient styles in their native Aberdeen and gained the attention of Planet K records in the process. The name of the record refers to a collection of different creatures, in essence an encyclopaedia of different beasts and while the band continue to work on a follow up, issuing a few small teasers this year, we’ve picked “Cyclops” from their 2020 debut EP “Swallow The World” to give you a flavour of what maybe to come.

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