NEWS: Enemy of Reality plot the downfall of mankind?

Celebrating the release of their new album “Where Truth May Lie“, Greek symphonic metal act Enemy of Reality have shared a music video for the second chapter from it in one called “Downfall“. It’s the bands third album in nine years following “Rejected Gods” from 2014 and “Arakhne” from 2016, with all three receiving warm and positive reviews from various publications in Europe…

The band tell the story of the track: “I am the Priest. At least that’s who I was. Until my daughter and wife, my entire world, were burned alive, lost into flames during their evening prayers. The fire of their offering candles sealed their fate. Overwhelmed by the horror of finding their burned bodies, denied of all I ever loved by the same gods I worshiped, I am now struggling to find a reason to exist. My faith, my hopes and dreams were all burned by this funeral pyre…Now, with no home left, I seek to find answers and meaning to my own existence

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