NEWS: Orbstruct return to the Reaper’s Path!

Directed by Creature From Deep Studio Ukrainian Death Metal act Orbstruct have returned to 2021’s second full-length album “Deimos Falling” for a music video for “Reaper’s Path”. Inspired by such iconic bands as Morbid AngelBloodbath and Carcass that album demonstrates how they managed to combine classic Swedish and American Death Metal schools with themes of Death, Agnosticism and Atheism, conveying dark and violent moods with primal aggression. If you missed it, you can find it here and of course feel free to check out our review.

The band comment: “The plot tells about an alternative vision of Death, as a kind of creature that has a certain life cycle and must be reborn in a new image at the end of this cycle. But every time a new candidate is needed for rebirth, who will follow its path – the “Reaper’s Path”, proudly walking through the desolate lands of the dead, where silence and peace reigns, and there are no wars, no regrets, and no remorse. STAY BRUTAL! LISTEN TO DEATH METAL!”

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