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Review: “Deimos Falling” by Orbstruct

When the laws of gravity are in force, what goes up must come down and so fittingly after previous album “Phobos Rising” from Ukrainian Death Metal quartet Orbstruct comes “Deimos Falling”. Both are references to Greek mythology; Phobos, the personification of fear and panic, was the son of Ares and Aphrodite, and the twin brother

Playthrough: “Artificial Breath” from Orbstruct!

Following the announcement earlier this week that Ukrainian Death Metallers Orbstruct have set 22nd September as the release date for their sophomore album “Deimos Falling“, the band have shared a guitar playthrough video for a new song to follow first single “Mercury Turn“. Filmed at Creature From The Deep Studio, the video sees Goreon and

NEWS: Orbstruct set the date for “Deimos Falling”!

It seems like eternity but Ukrainian Death Metallers Orbstruct have finally set the release date for their sophomore album “Deimos Falling” having released the first single “Mercury Turn” at the end of April. Known for combining powerful guitar riffs and high-speed blast beats with subjects of atheism, agnosticism, self-knowledge and self-development, the band was actually formed