NEWS: Kouta begin conducting dark experiments…

Kaarnakoydet” or “Dark Experiments” is the title that Finnish Folk inspired Black Metal act Kouta have chosen for their debut album, the follow up to last years debut EP “Aarnihauta”. Recorded and mixed by Pekka Posio (Marrasmieli, October Falls, Seraphiel) before mastering by Svante Forsbäck (Delain, Rammstein, Amorphis) at Chartmakers it will drop on 21st April with first single ”Häpeä” or “Shame” streaming now.

The band comment: ”The 7 new songs weave a dark and intricate web of sound that is both familiar and refreshingly new. Folk elements have permeated the new sound much more deeply, while the production has become much more clear, powerful, and straight. At the heart of “Kaarnaköydet” lies a gripping narrative centered around the tragic story of two brothers. Through their music, KOUTA explores the complex and often tumultuous emotions of shame, guilt, and catharsis, inviting the listener to join them on a powerful and emotional journey of aesthetically peripheral discovery.”


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