NEWS: Recall The Remains take to the Warfield?

Recorded at Monochrome Productions and mixed and mastered by Tom Gittins (Left For Red, Broken Witt Rebels) a filthy brand new single is exactly what the doctor ordered from Recall The Remains. The Metalcore merchants have done us proud with “Fairfield” which is the follow up to 2021’s “Dead Dreams” and will no doubt make its live debut during a six shows in the next month…

11/03 Leicester, Metal Monocle
12/03 Rotherham, The Bridge Inn
24/03 Wolverhampton, Gifford Arms
25/03 Derby, Dubrek Studios
26/03 – Hull, O’Reily’s
01/04 – Derby, Manorfest Mercia, The Hairy Dog

The band comment: “Fairfield encapsulates the rage and utter disappointment of being failed by a disorganised and fractured system. Questioning why we’re in this position and how we’re going to rebuild

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