NEWS: Life is but a bloody dream for Gutslit!

Indian Death Grind titans Gutslit have chosen “The Killing Joke” as the next burnt offering from their third studio album “Carnal“. Pulverising the masses (as they put it) since 2007 the Mumbai based outfit have chosen quality over quantity in their fifteen year career to date, showcasing their technicality in musicanship over on two critically acclaimed  albums. The new record drops on 7th July with pre-orders available over at bandcamp.

The band comment: “The composition of this song draws its inspiration from the infamous figure of John Wayne Gacey, known for his heinous acts, providing an insightful exploration into the depths of his disturbed and deviant psyche. The lyrics themselves possess an unsettling and distorted quality that effectively unveils the horrors that linger in the wake of his actions

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