NEWS: GraveRipper detail “Seasons Dreaming Death”!

The rumours are true. Graveripper will wake the dead when “Seasons Dreaming Death” unleashes hell on 25th August with Wise Blood Records fully stocked with Vinyl, CD, Cassette editions for all your needs.  Having already given us a music video for “Into The Grave” the band are now streaming the title track to tempt you into a pre-order from what the label are calling their “Summer Ov Thrash”. The record itself is a follow up to 2021 EP “Radiated Remains“, mastered by Toxic Holocaust mastermind Joel Grind and finds the band fusing Thrash to Black Metal… those pre-orders are available over at bandcamp.

Vocalist and guitarist Corey Parks describes the bands song writing approach: “Refined Expansion,” Parks describes. “Double down on what resonates with us, but also introduce some new arrangements, ideas, themes, and influences. With this being a full-length record there was a lot more room to do that. We introduced more Teutonic thrash worship that teeters on the line of death metal. We also took this as an opportunity to prove we can really play some straightforward malicious black metal riffing as well. All while keeping the overall sonic goal of sewing black and thrash together in our own unique ratio. [The album title] is my take on Halloween/Samhain. The day of the year where the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead is the thinnest.”

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