NEWS: Allt hide amongst the orphans?

When we will see a debut album via Century Media from Swedish Progressive Metalcore outfit Allt remains very much the question but in the meantime the band are streaming a second single of 2023 in “The Orphan Breed“. The first single of the year popped it’s cherry in January and has clocked up painfully close to 337k of Spotify streams alone since while tours with bands as contrasting as Bleed From Within and Animals As Leaders have kept their name in the headlines…

The band comment: “During the creation of our debut album, we recognized the need to write something extremely heavy, leading to the birth of ‘The Orphan Breed.’ We aimed to push our creative boundaries by undertaking the challenge of composing, recording, and perfecting a track within a month. The result is the most raw, pissed-off and uncompromising ALLT track to date. We always like to keep our audience guessing, always maintaining a certain unpredictability. ALLT is everything.

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