NEWS: Guilt escape the “Astral Web”?

Unsettling dissonant lead guitar combined with restless and relentless rhythms to supply a sense of battery acid nausea, a fourth instalment from an as yet undated album titled “The Body” has been shared by heavy newcomers Guilt in one they like to call “Astral Web“. Produced by former Loathe guitarist Connor Sweeney (Creak, Pulse, Fromjoy), it finds the genre defying heavy hitters who feature three former members of Exeter Deathcore crew Drifted trying in induce disorientation in the listener…

Vocalist Harry Davies states, “This song is about traversing interdimensionally in search of a loved one, whilst encountering new fears and experiences along the way. Discovering alternate realities and navigating them in hopes of finding them. This can be interpreted as a metaphor for the challenges faced in real life, whilst searching for a purpose.”

The video, filmed by Pete Woolven (Graphic Nature) is filmed at an abandoned boarding school, guitarist Forrest Daley says “We chose this location as it portrayed an unnerving aura that pairs well with the track. It was really fun to film: my favourite part was watching Ben climb into a filthy bath half his size,  pretending to be dead.”

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